Monograph is an ongoing documentation project. By creating a personalized photo project, we tell the story of what’s truly unique about your event or organization — the people involved.

“As we discussed the Monograph I learned more about what Catskills Conf was going to be. Now looking over the portraits of these incredible people I feel closer to what Catskills Conf is. It’s us - sharing time and space together in a celebratory co-creation of our future. I’m so grateful that Monograph captured that and I’m in awe of how much subtle beauty and humanity comes from one question and one photo.”  —Kale Kaposhilin, Co-Organizer of Catskills Conf

More SpaceLive

We all know we want more time & space, but rarely think about what we’d do with it. We talked with the attendees of Catskills Conf about it.

Indie.vcComing Soon

Monograph is helping document their initial group of independent businesses with in-depth photo essays.

Spending TimeLive

Everyone feels as though there’s something they should be doing. At XOXO 2015 we asked attendees what that was:

We’re interested in cultural events over corporate presentations. Intention and artistic vision excite us. If that sounds like your project, we’d love to hear from you.